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About Us

For many women the thought of Brazilian waxing can be intimidating. It is important to do your research and make sure the place you choose specializes in hair removal for a few different reasons, the first being proper health and sanitation practices. Double dipping is a common practice among nail salons, hair salons and day spas. This is a big no no for us here at Lezil Waxing Lounge. We are sure to grab a fresh batch of sticks, cotton rounds and new pair of gloves for every single client.

The second reason is making sure your esthetician is knowledgeable about skin types, hair types and the different techniques required to provide quality services with minimal discomfort to women of all different ethnicities, shapes and sizes. Everyone is different and your waxing should reflect that.

Lastly, you’ve always heard that practice makes perfect and hair removal is no exception! We are constantly focusing on waxing and improving our technique on a daily basis. Waxing is our passion and with an intentional focus on skin care that goes hand in hand, we are proud to provide you with an elite waxing experience.

Our Method

At Lezil Waxing Lounge our method is very simple. Purify, protect, and preserve.

We begin with purification of the skin. This is a simple pre-wax cleanser to gently remove any pre-applied lotions, oils and body butters as well as dirt and bacteria. This provides a clean surface and prevents harmful bacteria from seeping inside freshly epilated follicles.

Next we protect the skin with a light non-comedogenic pre-wax oil. This acts as a barrier between the skin and the wax ensuring the wax grabs firmly on the hair while leaving the skin smooth with minimal discomfort.

Step three is the actual hair removal with our extraordinary low temperature wax made in Italy. It is made for sensitive skin types, but can handle coarse hair types like a charm. It has a thinner consistency compared to most hard waxes which allows it to be used all over the body and provide clean results with minimal cleanup strips. This means we are able to perform a faster service without sacrificing the quality of our work!

The last step is to preserve the integrity of your skin and for this we use a mild antiseptic to remove any residue and help your pores to close to fight pesky ingrown hairs.

How to Prepare for your Bikini/Brazilian Service:

Bikini/Brazilian services are by far our most popular, however they are only available to the female anatomy.

Here are a few tips to help you arrive fully prepared for this top-notch experience:

-Please be sure to arrive with clean skin free of all lotions, oils and body butters.

-Stop shaving or any other methods at least three weeks prior to your session, the hair should be about the length of a natural eyelash for optimum results.

-Be sure to exfoliate the day before to remove dead skin cells.

-Moisturize the day before help to condition the hair and promote elasticity to combat breakage.

-Wearing loosely fitted clothing will not only help the undressing and redressing process but provide a more comfortable ride home.

-Most importantly, it is imperative to maintain consistency in your waxing regimen. This will give you better longer lasting results as you navigate throughout your wax journey.